Top Flight Concepts LLC: Security
  Top Flight Concepts understands that the security of your personal and account information is important to you. We also understand that our continued success relies on both our ability to offer services to you in a secure manner as well as your responsibility in keeping any access codes or passwords secure. To assist us in offering these Web-based services in a secure manner, we employ a number of measures, which are described below. These measures allow us, among other benefits, to properly authenticate your identity when you access these services and protect your information as it traverses the Internet between your PC and Top Flight Concepts.

Many of the services to which we provide access on this Website utilize access codes (e.g., ID and password).

To further protect you, a timeout feature is often used. This feature will automatically log you out of your current service session after an extended period of inactivity on the site.

Whenever you access pages requesting or presenting sensitive data, we will encrypt that data to prevent others from accessing it while in transit. We utilize Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption for this purpose. Most browsers display a padlock icon when SSL is being used on a secure page. We require the use of 128-bit SSL encryption in order to protect sensitive information.

Browser Requirements
Due to our security standard, you must use a browser that supports the use of 128-bit SSL encryption to access secure information over the Internet. AOL 6.0 or above, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or above, and Netscape Navigator 4.0 or above all can support this level of encryption. You can follow the links below to update your browser to a compatible version, if needed.

In order to browse the non-secure areas of our site, any browser software compatible with the HTML 2.0 standard should suffice.

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